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Trying to find that perfect pose for your next headshot session? It is harder than you think, isn’t it? Read this complete guide about essential tips of headshot poses so that you can crush your next photo shoot session.

Headshots are having a great impression in the industry because that is how you get your audition, that’s how you get an agent. Remember, before they even see you act, they see your headshots. So, it is one of the most critical things in the film industry so far.

Because of all of that, you inevitably get it perfect.  Therefore, today’s I am going to share the guide to let you know what to do and what not to do while giving headshots poses.

How Should I Pose for A Headshot – Essential Tips for Headshot Poses

You have already identified why headshots are so crucial to be perfect. It is might for the next annual business magazine, for an audition, or add another photo in your LinkedIn library. Whatever the reason is, none of them are ignorable when it is going to represent you in public or front a casting judge panel. So, now I am going to share the do’s, and don’ts for headshot poses.


Yeah, I know, it’s not a yoga class. But giving a photoshoot is not easy as well. In maximum, a non-professional might not deliver the proper poses just because of his or her nervousness. So, first thing first, before taking that photo, be sure to breathe. If you are nervous, this will help calm you down.


It is imperative to have a straight back. Imagine that you have an invisible chain that pulls you up like the puppet we saw in the circus. Posing with a straight backbone adds an extra spoon of confidence in your photos.

It is better to decide whether you want to try a sitting pose or standing pose first. According to that, you can choose or collaborate with your photographer regarding posture.

Motorboat Your Lips

Another tip that actually works puff out your lips.  It will help relax your lips so that they don’t look stiff.

Many people might not find it essential while preparing for headshot poses. But even lips are one of the vital parts just after your hair and eyes in a headshot photo. So, having a keen eye on them is only going to deliver a better result from yourself.

Play With Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows eye the main component in a portrait that is going to describe the expression of them yourself in the final photo. Depending on how you are giving up on them, the expression can symbol of confidence, frightening, reliability, and many more.

If your forehead is still tight, move your eyebrows up and down. It will also help you relax your forehead. If you wear glasses, choose non-reflective ones. Finding your best angle is really useful, not just for yourself, but also for your photographer too.

Unless you have to take a picture looking in a certain way, let your photographer know what your best angle is. Don’t be shy to let him or she know.

How Do You Smile For a Headshot

When it comes to smiling, try not to force, or worse yet, fake a smile. Practice smiling in front of the mirror.

You want your eyes to be a little narrowed when you smile. Sometimes, it’s better to over smile because it gives the impression that you are thrilled.

If you are forcing your eyes big, when you are smiling, sometimes it not looks that real as you are thinking. And to be honest, it seems so creepy.

Finding Your Best Angle

To find your angle that gives your look more overwhelming, in case of your business headshot poses, first ask someone to take a photo for you. Then, start turning your face away from the camera. Look down to relax your eyes and then lookup.

For the next one, do it again, but this time, keep turning your head slightly. What you are actually doing is taking photos from all angles. It is going to give you different options to choose from. If you keep looking at the camera constantly, sometimes your eyes may look strange and may not be relaxed.

Connect With The Photographer

Also, it is so essential that the photographer should be able to communicate with you and makes you feel comfortable. If he or she is not that cooperative with you, then having a result of the unpleasant photo is not your fault entirely.

What Should You Wear for Headshot Poses

Well, this is the area that can cause actors some anxiety before a shoot and with good reason because clothing is personal. What suits you, and what suits me, can be quite different.

For every rule, I could give you about the kind of top you should wear for a sheep. But you will find another photographer or actor who’s made a totally different garment looks just as well more than that. Whatever it is, you don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe.

The Clue is In The Name

As you can see, it’s a headshot. And for the reason, it should be about selling your face, not your wardrobe. So, ideally, you will take along neutral non-distracting clothing choices that very subtly accentuate things like your hair color, eye color, your skin tone, and your face shape. That is what will get you auditions if you are no exception.

Mind The Crop

In life, we see the full impact of a piece of clothing. But by the time your headshots finished, you usually only see a couple of inches, perhaps below the shoulder. So, you need to think carefully about your clothing. More specifically, how you are looking after the crop.

Low necklines and strappy tops can sometimes almost totally disappear from the result. Also, by contrast, a structured shirt or a coat with an upturned collar and lots of buttons can become disproportionately impactful.

If you are getting stuck, then just take some pictures on your mobile camera a few days before your shoot to help you work out exactly how they will come across.

Normal Rules Apply

Your wardrobe and dress sense are probably evolved over time to suit you very well. Therefore, trust those instincts in a sheep. There is not a different set of rules just for headshots.

Lights and Darks

In the old days of black and white photography, people used to take along a white top and a black top, and that was enough. Even though today’s color headshots are totally norm, it’s still worth thinking about lighter options and dark options in your portfolio.

Darker clothing choices are non-distracting. They let your face and your eyes be the most eye-catching part of the shot and are a great way to suggest drama.

By contrast, lighter clothing choices can give a headshot a lifted feel and are fantastic for suggesting a youthful, contemporary, or a classical vibe.


The arrival of color headshots has really given as a word of opportunity to show off your best side. So, take advantage of that. You will want to think about what colors suit your complexion, your eye color, and your hair color and make a long-range.

Very bright colors and busy patterns can be distracting. Now, this is not a hard and fast rule, but I tend to prefer more muted shades like browns, greens, grays, blues, and reds.

The good idea is to take along a top that matches your eye color to really help them stand out.

Texture and Structure

Texture can really help very shots during a head session. A lacy or a frilly shirt, leather or a denim jacket, a chunky knit jumper, or a rough cotton shirt, a t-shirt with a bit of grain in it will all say very different things.

And remember with the structure where the garment sits in relation to your face and neck can be quite telling. For example, a high-neck jacket or a roll neck top can sometimes swallow your neck entirely.

Finally remember, lighting, background and a change of mood can change the way a photo comes across just as much as a piece of clothing

How Should Professionals Pose for Portraits or Headshot

To come up with the best headshot poses to be like a superb corporate guy, requires nothing but a little bit of experience and things to remember. Let’s take an eye on them.

Be Yourself

When you are taking your professional headshot poses, what part of yourself do you want to portray? Is it competitive you, the helpful subordinate, the boss that everyone loves? You have to identify what part of you wants to be shown in the photo.

Body Language

Even before you start posing or expressing, just try to pull your ears away from your shoulders. That just longed your body parts. Remember, a headshot is pretty much a small size of the frame where you have to shot the most. In general, it is from your chest to the head. So, try to make the most of your body language in that picture.

Lead With Your Forehead

Now, it is a very subtle but compelling shift in your pose. Leading forehead is very useful as well in enhancing your jawline. Try to figure out different posture while leading your forehead gradually in various poses. You can practice the moment before the shooting days to avoid as much as a mistake.

Cross Arm Headshot Posses

If you have seen any Headshots in Manhattan headshots, you will see cross unfold. It might look like an easy to grab pose, but mastering on it is not that easy at all. Still, many of the models make the same mistake while crossing arms.

When the general pose is nothing new but merely changing location or having your subject at a slight lean or loosening up the tightness of the cross arms, just this itself can make your pose feel modern.

Men do have the room to keep their arms a little tighter. But be careful that you don’t make it look like a very severe image.

On the other hand, when women do the same cross arm pose, I encourage them to very loosely cross their arms instead of stiff. A gentle cross of arms makes a fascinating image.

Shoulder Position

Women can also drop their shoulders slightly. What it means is don’t keep your both shoulders at the same line. You should keep one a bit up and another one a little lower than the other one. It helps elongate your neck.


Women can also loosely lay their hands on the knees just for a more casual effect. Besides, you can also try crossing your legs, make your hands as a stand on your knees and keep them one after one on your knees. It will really create a significant pose for the headshot.

When posing with the sitting position, try to lean a bit to make your headshot pose looks brighter. In the case of corporate shoots, this really makes a big difference to men poses.

Final Thought

Like I mentioned before, the markets are filling up with entrepreneurs, models, and actors from different walks of life. And hence, there is a need for both professional photographers and models who should know how to do great headshot poses when collaborating. Most importantly, it should not be created; it should be made naturally.

That is what, in this brief, I have tried to pick out for you. There is no need to hire any more professional casters just to show you how to pose as Manhattan poses. Just follow the guide to rock n roll in your shooting day.

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