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Professional hairdos and makeup are integral to headshots. Headshot makeup differs from regular makeup for other photographs, including modeling, fashion, etc. So, you need a professional headshot makeup guide for men and women. Our in-depth headshot experience brings you peerless insights.Hence, how to do your hair and makeup for headshots?

Headshot Makeup


Do You Need Professional Makeup for Headshots ?

Many typical stylists do not work on photo-ready hair and makeup. But they can recommend a headshot photographer. You hope to project a matchless image in the photograph. Therefore, headshot makeup is a commonplace practice. Also, a professional photo look brings you remarkable photographic images. Besides, you can do headshot makeup yourself.

Professional Makeup for Headshots

Clients need polished and professional looks with hair and makeup services. Professional grooming reflects well more than a typical makeover. Blown-out hair shows up the best to clutter-free the flyaway for crisp photographs.Professional makeup boosts confidence in heading to their headshot photography session.  This positivity optimizes the right look.

What Is The Best Headshot Makeup ?

The best headshot makeup secret says something incredible. Astonishingly, you must appear the most natural possible! If it resembles your real-life looks, you have hit the jackpot. But some can wear heavy makeup with a habit of serious makeovers in their daily life. Minimal headshot makeup does you a world of good. You are simply trying to look the best on a glorious day. And that’s about it.

Which Makeup Suits Headshots ?

Makeup fixes blemishes. It lightens under-eye circles and skin tones. Also, you can remove redness on the face. Not to forget, Photoshop addresses all these issues.

Moreover, women need diverse, high-quality products and premium makeup lines. Female headshot clients often tap into their resources, such as eyeliner, mascara, etc. Besides, headshot stylists accommodate your allergic requirements too.

However, you may want multiple images from a headshot session. At the same time, paying a lot for retouched pictures is a huge turn-off. Hence, a makeup artist turns beneficial for top headshot photography NYC.

Note: Professional makeup does not remove wrinkles or alter the facial shape. Moreover, it cannot take out flyaway hairs or fix tiny imperfections during the shoot.

How to Do My Makeup For a Headshot ?

Several makeup strategies can land you an excellent headshot look. Let’s dive into the details.

Beware Of Excessive Foundation

The foundation tends to conceal your natural skin tone. Also, your face shines up a little. So, tinted moisture or BB cream can do you good instead of wearing the foundation. Therefore, skin sparkles go minimal.

Note: An oil-free foundation is the best makeup foundation if you are hell-bent on using one.


The concealer addresses skin blemishes. It dials down the marks for the best headshots. Glaring flaws can still give you headaches. The top headshot photographers NY easily hide them by retouching.

Mascara & Eyeliner

Light mascara and eyeliner slightly pop out your eyes, making them even more beautiful. But overdoing them could damage your professional headshot appearance. Anyways, you may prefer that look for stylized sessions.

Eye Shadow

Dark and bright eye shadow add or subtract from your complexion. Extremes on either side can damage your headshot photograph. Most importantly, lighter shades of eye shadow glorify the skin tone.

Blush & Lip Gloss

Your cheeks can benefit from a delicate touch of blush. Besides, slight lip gloss saves the lips from dry looks. The gloss brings out the lips to turn you cuter. Blush and lip gloss add color and liveliness.

Subtle Color Lipstick

Light color lipstick lends brightness to your complexion. Many women dislike wearing lipsticks. Lip gloss is an acceptable alternative for them.

Simple Eyebrows

All beauty specialists prefer natural and simple eyebrows for headshots. Eyebrows can detract or enhance elements on your face. However, bold ones need nothing extra.


Powder takes out face shininess. So the headshot photograph becomes eye-soothing. Oily skin must need a suitable powder to expel shine.

Should I Wear Fake Eyelashes For Headshots ?

No, you should not wear fake eyelashes for your professional headshot. However, there are other moments like when you’re auditioning or acting. Those events require you to hyper on the eyes. Suddenly, your eyes become critical. Anyway, you need nothing heavy on them to dispel the natural expression. Your photographic communication is all that matters. So, avoid false eyelashes in your headshot.

Can I Do My Makeup For Headshots ?

You can do your headshot makeup if you are used to doing it daily. You have a green signal as you are confident in your skills. Just avoid overdoing it.

DIY Makeup For Headshots

Besides, now is not the time to experiment. Professional lighting, posing, and camera angles can make huge differences. An ideal style or look must reflect on my headshots. Significantly, corporate headshots cannot afford any makeup mistakes. You may have your style or look. So, you want to maintain that. You can definitely be yourself in headshot makeup.

Professional Headshot Makeup Artist Cost

Professional Headshot Makeup Artist Cost

You have to pay about $60-$150 for professional headshot makeup artists. Headshot makeup costs vary depending on age, sex, and requirements. Makeup services for headshots consider hair and facial styles too. Hair styling and makeup facilities are add-ons to the headshot session. Photographers charge $60 for men, $70 for girls and teens, and $150 for the best makeup artist for women.


Thanks for reading this headshot makeup benchmark. Typically, overdone makeup is a massive turn-off for a headshot photograph. Our professional headshots makeup guide for men and women is aware of all nuanced issues.

Besides, people grow trusted relationships with professional stylists and makeup artists. This is high time you contacted them for pro grooming tips. Forge the best headshot photography experience to elevate your look to the highest level.

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